Besides being a Physics teacher, I also teach English at a secondary school. Always on the lookout to help students enhance and improve their vocabulary, I mooted  the idea of The Most Beautiful Word Project when I came across this .

So as I was sharing the website during one English lesson, I showed some of the words with their gorgeous background pictures including number 21 (below).

Number 21 most beautiful word in English
Number 21 most beautiful word in English


It was so natural to bring up the incredible upcoming phenomenon which my students can observe right here in Singapore!

Ever since finding out about the event myself, I have been thinking about how to get my students excited about it. Although not quite how I envisioned, certainly not during an English lesson, I distinctively heard a collective “oohhh” when I elaborated how a syzygy can result in an eclipse to darken Singapore skies in the morning of 9 March 2016. Evidently, many students were not even aware of such a wonder and this first introduction had certainly widened some horizons and piqued many interests.

In the following days, students continued to ask me about the eclipse, often during inappropriate times; wanting to know more about the exact time, the location, what will be observed and if the school will be closed. It was heartening to see so many of them share my enthusiasm for it but it also made me realised the importance of the Solar Eclipse @ NUS 2016 website as it provides various essential information. One of which is the safety aspects of viewing presented by my group!

Now, to share that website with my students… a bitly link or a QR code? And for you reader.. did you just learn an upcoming event or a new word?



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