Life in Fast Forward

by Mazimran Yusoff

As soon as I finished writing my previous blog, I googled ‘printer recycle paper’. Technology is indeed faster than my own imagination.

Source: Epson Corporate (2015, November 30) The new Epson Paper Lab [Video file]. Retrieved from

If my supposedly limitless imagination cannot keep pace with technology, imagine my life. Before I can imagine, technology has left not its thumbprint, but its entire body print on all our lives.

It probably really started off when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. With the electrical light, we no longer rely solely on daylight. (Active) Life can carry on into the dark hours. In fact, in cities like Singapore, there probably is no hours of darkness as the whole city is lit up throughout the night. Here I am blogging at 4am.

While the light bulb increases the daily productive hours, the internet increases productivity by the hour.

I remember when I went to a rural area in Cambodia on a work trip. There was no wifi in the place we stayed in. By 8pm, I felt like I had nothing else to do. It felt odd to go to bed at 9pm when I may sometimes still be at work at 9pm back in Singapore.

Communication is faster with email. A large volume of information can be communicated to many recipients with a single email. Communication is now even faster with the smartphone. Whatsapp and some other apps (which I am still not aware of) have allowed messages to be delivered even faster than the email. Even replies can be done promptly. Communication is also now more fun with video calls. Technology is bringing us closer.

Transportation is also a form of communication and today, world transport network has improved greatly and become more affordable that there is a high volume of human migration daily. Air travel has increased the speed of travel tremendously. Today, air travel has also become more affordable.

Pace of development is now faster with improved communication and transport system. With increased human activity, there is also increase of wastage and pollution.

Air travel leaves behind a huge amount of carbon footprint. Transportation as a whole has a very grave impact on the environment. Besides the direct emission of air and water pollutants by the vehicles, the infrastructure built to support all forms of transportation uses up land and other resources.

Improved transport system allows the infiltration of humans deeper into the forests. The deeper humans can go into the forests, the faster they can be explored and unfortunately, the faster the forests are cleared also.

The oceans have to sacrifice as dumping grounds for many activities happening on land. Occasionally, we hear of oil spills and recently the beaching of whales in Scotland as a result of high mercury levels in the ocean.

The pace of human activities is now so fast that even the planet is having difficulty catching up. I thought the media is just exaggerating about climate change but I am feeling the heat myself. I suppose, we all have to make a conscious effort to pace ourselves so that our planet can catch up.

Source: Take Part (2014, September 23) WHAT’S POSSIBLE: The U.N. Climate Summit Film [Video file]. Retrieved from



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