What could you do (with Science) on the White Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is widely recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration around the world. Though it is Western-originated, some Asian countries like Korea and Japan, could get more excited when the festival comes. Besides following the tradition of girls making chocolate for their loved ones on 14 February, boys have to show their gratitude by giving back gifts on the so-called “White Valentine’s Day” on 14 March.

Valentine Day

Many would argue that this being a propaganda method by businessmen, who want to extensively sell chocolates, jewelries, gift wrappers and so on during this time of a year. Well, here are some much cheaper and sexier ways to entertain your Valentine instead of shopkeepers, by using Science.


I have a RED heart just for you

Show this heart to your girl and say this, “My heart used to be pale yellow, but because of you…”quickly spray some “magic” onto the heart and continue, “it becomes alive and red again.”

Color heart

What you will need to play this romance will only be:

  • Water
  • White paper
  • Turmeric power
  • Baking soda

Step by step :

  • Boil the water. Add in the turmeric power. Stir.
  • Cut your paper into heart shape and soak into the mixture.
  • Air dry the paper and clean the extra turmeric power on its surface.
  • Make some baking soda solution.

So when the moment comes, simply spray the solution onto the dyed yellow paper and Ta-da! It will transform into the Valentine’s red.


Biology wins

Anyone who has learned biology knows about DNA base pairing. Basically, it is the uniting of two nucleobases by hydrogen bonds (Watch a fun video here to learn more about DNA base pair: http://study.com/academy/lesson/dna-adenine-guanine-cytosine-thymine-complementary-base-pairing.html).

According to Watson-Crick DNA base pairing rule, adenine (A) forms a base pair with thymine (T) and guanine (G) forms a base pair with cytosine (C). Whereas in RNA, thymine is replaced by uracil (U). That is why an artistic creations appears like this:



René Descartes and the function of heart

Regardless of true or fake, the love story between the great mathematician René Descartes and Christina, Queen of Sweden was relished for generations. It was said that Descartes was the Maths teacher of Christina and the two fell in love despite of huge age differences. The King, as well as father of the princess, knew about the affair and thence ordered the banishment of Descartes. The latter did not give up but persisted writing to the princess. In one of the letters, he wrote only an equation: r=a(1-sinθ). None of the kingdom’s mathematicians could solve it but only when the princess got the letter, she immediately understood the message that her lover sent – a heart in polar coordinates.


Tales are tales. But if you want to draw this special feature, known as Cardioid, try typing down the below formula into Wolfram Alpha (www.wolframalpha.com). Trust me, it never fails to surprise you.

heart function equation



Wish everyone had and will have a great Valentine’s celebration!

heart function






One thought on “What could you do (with Science) on the White Valentine’s Day?

  1. zhihan says:

    haha if you take the reciprocal of the Descartes’ love equation, it’ll turn into an ellipse, the shape whereby planets orbit round the Sun. I happened to stumble across it when asking my students to plot the ellipse and some accidentally plotted the heart (or the butt.. as they call it.. hmmm naughty Descartes!!)


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