Tapestry of Hope

I was recently in my class discussing similarities and differences between science teaching and science communication. Over the discussion we agreed the ideal scenario would be for science teaching to be a form of science communication. Although, it was revealed in that class that this is far from reality. This got me thinking as to how science teaching and communication influences my life.

Some days I feel I work in a rather grim field of science – nature conservation. It is on such days that I go back to how it all started and look back at my inspiration. It is no surprise that one of my first interests in primates came from Dr Jane Goodall. Watching her interact with chimpanzees in Nat Geo documentaries and reading her books ‘In the shadow of Man’, ‘Through the window’ planted a deep fascination in me to study primates. When I finally met Dr Jane in person, it dawned on me what an amazing science teacher as well as a communicator she is – a rare combination indeed.

I learnt the technical details of primate observation from her scientific articles while her books and public talks were simple for general public without compromising the scientific robustness. I envy her, at the same time I’m inspired by the passion that drives her (especially on those grim days !!!).

Dr Jane and Sylvia Earle (who needs no introduction among the marine community) recently launched the Tapestry of Hope at the COP21 Climate Change meeting at Paris in 2015. It is an online tool showcasing various community projects around the world. This is a great initiative in this techno age to get information across to larger audience. Kudos to this influential communication of science.

Watch the legends talk about their cause in this video.


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