Challenges with Demos

You guys would have, by now, seen my demo of Rainbow Shots (minus the Indigo, but it still sounds nicer as Rainbow shots instead of 7 shots!haha).

Let me share some challenges I faced within the past 2 weeks. Firstly, I tried to use the most basic items as substitutes – ingredients that allow kids to consume:


This was with Ribena, pineapple juice, orange juice, tonic water and blue food dye.


This is the result.


Slowly changing into a smurf at this point.

Next, I used the proper grenadine syrup, but with blue lagoon syrup (the non-alcoholic version of blue curacao).


seeing some progress, but nothing I would demo in class.


Next, I used smaller shot cups with tonic water and blue curacao.

Of course, not demo worthy.


So, I succumbed and used alcohol (ethanol in this case, since the kids won’t be able to drink it anyway!).

Also, this time I used pineapple juice for ‘clarity’.


Turned out not bad.. But I preferred the colour consistency of orange juice.

So, I guess there is a reason why recipes are out there for us to use. Because for certain demos, very specific ingredients are required for the specific qualities that they have. Tweaking this would result in undesirable results.

Sure, the adults would be able to recreate this with vodka and drink them – the kids won’t. But they’d still be part of the creating process.

OR! If you’d like something completely not meant for consumption, you can swap out the blue curacao for a soap solution. A 50:50 ratio of blue dawn soap (the blue colour is bright and remains bright, unlike most other brands. Trust me. I have 5 blue dishwashing soap staring at me in the kitchen counter now) and tap water.


Also, you can get your groceries (and your liquor) bottles delivered to your doorstep. Why not follow the recipe and make your life easy, right?

Anyway, if you are interested:

The ingredients are:

30ml grenadine (the red syrup)

200 ml orange juice (no pulp. the pulp will clog up the strainer when you pour)

60 ml alcohol (vodka or rum works, tried and tested on your behalf)

15 ml blue curacao

Well, if you do serve this up, remember that the alcohol is not equally distributed. One of your guests would essentially be drinking syrup, while 2 lucky guests get the vodka+blue curacao. You could use whiskey glasses (instead of shot glasses) and then at the end of the ‘show’, your guests can top up with more alcohol, tonic water or just sparkling water!


Rainbow shots from Rawdah J on Vimeo.


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