Remnants of Evolution


Isn’t it amazing how humans have evolved? I guess we would never know if the theory of evolution is true, after all, no human being can live long enough to watch the evolution of a species. However, assuming that evolution does indeed take place, we should be glad that our skulls are no longer that small, bodies are no longer covered with thick hair and that we can walk comfortably on our hind legs, right? But what are some traits that we have lost along the way?

Third Eyelids
When cats blink, we sometimes see a layer of membrane sweeping over the eye. It is not common for mammals to have them, but more common in birds and fishes. It provides additional protection for the eye and cornea, and also spreads tears across the eyeball more efficiently.feline-third-eyelid

Humans do still have this third eyelid, but it has shrank to an almost negligible size and is practically useless now.


Ever had those times when you felt a cold chill brush past you, or felt eyes watching you, and goosebumps started breaking out all over your body? How does breaking out in goosebumps help ward off the potential threat for humans? Truth is, it doesn’t. goosebumps_2443265kGoosebumps are formed when the muscle near the base of each hair contract and pulls the hair erect. This happens as a nervous reflex action, when you are threatened or cold. But why does it happen?
Long long time ago, when we still had a thick coat of fur, our hairs stand for a reason. When we are threatened, hairs standing on their ends will make us appear bigger than our actual size, helping us keep the predators away.
arctic-fox-canada-400x309When we are cold, erected hairs trap air between them, keeping the cold air out and keeping us warm. Now, we don on clothes to keep us warm and no longer need the thick layer of hair, but the goosebumps remained as an evolution souvenir.


Wisdom Teeth
I’ve lost track of the number of times I’d gone to the dentist to remove my wisdom tooth, but I’ll never forget the agony post-surgery though; the uncontrollable salivation and the inability to consume the heavenly food placed in front of you.
wisdom20teeth20grow20inWisdom teeth has long lost its significance to human beings. In the past, when our diet was made up of mainly greens, we had to consume them in large quantities quickly to get the nutrients we need. The extra molars at back helped in this purpose. However, over time, our diet changed and we developed a smaller jaw, which caused the wisdom teeth to become more of a nuisance than an advantage. Some population of humans have since stopped growing these molars. Why aren’t I one of these lucky ones?

There are many more evolutionary traits that were left behind in the human bodies, so I’ve embedded a video below which elaborates on many other traits. Enjoy!


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