The Mountains are Singing

I love nature. Something about it is very calming and peaceful. Seeing the greenery, breathing the fresh air, hearing the birds singing. But what if this time the mountains are singing?

It may sound strange but here in the cleanest lake in Germany, you can have a singing duet with the mountains. It was at Lake Königssee that I got to experience a different form of entertainment. Listening to the sounds of the mountains amidst the chirping of the birds and the cowbells from the nearby cows felt like as though Lake Königssee has washed away all my problems.

Ok I might have exaggerated a little. The mountains aren’t exactly singing. It merely “sings” back what is said to them. AKA something called echo. Echo happens when sound waves are reflected off a surface.


The use of echoes dates back to ancient times when our ancestors used it to create wonderful sounds in the Mayan pyramid. On the other hand, echoes are also used in animals such as bats; when finding food for example.

As you can see echoes are very useful. If we apply the formula; distance = velocity * time, we will be able to find the distance between something with the use of echo. Technically speaking, if I assumed the speed of sound from the horn to be 334m/s and had I timed the time taken, I would be able to find the distance between my boat and the mountains. Of course, I’ll have to divide the value by 2. Do you know why?

A video taken to see the horn in action.

You need to listen really carefully to be able to pick out the echo. It was definitely more obvious when you’re there. Apologies for the bad angle too. I was trying to capture the guy blowing the horn but I wasn’t seated in the best position for this. Notice the excitement from everyone in the background?


The horn used halfway through the ride to hear the “sounds of the mountains”.


The electric boats. (No other forms of boats are allowed. Hence keeping the lake clean and crystal clear.)


Lake Königssee taken with iPhone5s.

Lake Königssee is located in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany near the border of Austria. Taking a day trip from Salzburg is not just fuss-free but passport-free. If given the opportunity, you should not miss this place!


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