Invitation to the Science Symposium

Head and shoulder  Dear all, my name is Peter.

I am Swiss and I am studying a Master of Science in Science Communication at NUS.

Everybody is kindly invited to come along and witness the carefully chosen experiments and explanations about the “Magic of Science”.

My topic, at about 11 am, is to explain the secrets of human hearing.

        1aaa1       2bbb2        3ccc3

Please bring your children along, there will be lots of fun. For example, the “dancing rice corns”, as seen in the three photos above. This is to demonstrate the energy that reaches your ears when you listen to music.

Entrance is free and food will be provided!!!

  • Where: Science Centre, Singapore

  • When: Saturday, 23. April from 9am to 3 pm

Please register your attendance via the given e-mail and indicate your name and preferred time for the different demonstrations.

Many thanks for reading this invitation and for your attending the event.

Peter, NUS student










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