The Science of Kindness


Ever since I joined Interact Club during JC days, volunteering has always been a part of my life. Even when clocking CIP (community involvement programme) hours was no longer a necessity, I find myself going back to volunteering again and again. There is something about helping others that is almost addictive for me. Sometimes when the reality of life feels too much to bear, volunteering activities somehow kept me sane. In fact, I have always felt that I gained a lot more than what I gave. Although there is no monetary reward for what is often laborious work, the positive vibe that I leave a volunteering activity with is always so much more worthwhile.

Then I saw this video .

I should have known there are some science behind it. From serotonin (medical anti-depressant) to endorphin (natural pain-killer) to oxytocin (cuddle hormone), no wonder for all the positive good vibes! Super like the fact that it slows down aging as well. What a bonus!

So what is stopping you from doing some good today?


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