Stay away from alcohol to stay in shape!

Alcohol consumption is prevalent during festivities, especially with Chinese New Year around the corner. However, have you ever wondered if getting intoxicated for just one day would be detrimental in any way?

Certain types of calorie-rich food may induce a feeling of contentment in animals. How about when this is replaced with alcohol instead?

AgRP (agouti-related peptide)-expressing neurons are found in the hypothalamus of the brain of mice and humans and they play a crucial role in feeding behaviour. When AgRP  are triggered, it causes overeating even when the animal does not require any additional energy.Some male and female mice were injected with a single dose of alcohol, equivalent to 1.5 bottles of wine, while the mice in the control group received a saline solution.

The mice that were exposed to alcohol were found to have consumed larger amounts of food in a span of one to four hours after being dosed.Brain slices that were extracted from these mice revealed that deep-brain ethanol levels increased and activated AgRP cells, emulating starvation activating neurons. When the mice were treated with an inhibitor that blocked AgRP cells from being activated, they curtailed their food intake, and alcohol did not induce overeating.

This leaves us with a startling idea that binge drinking may lead to binge eating in humans as well. Perhaps it’s about time to abstain from about being a teetotaller?





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