From Aircraft to ‘Garbage Bin’

‘I am a garbage collector’ voice full of pride and dignity of Edward Fernando, Sri Lankan award winning renowned entrepreneur, invites us to think differently yet positively in life full of blessings bestowed upon us by mother nature.


His passion combined with his unique vision guided him towards a silent mission from his school days up to date while making his associates and co-workers part of his achievements in life and his business ventures. His silent mission with a sound vision is the secret of his success.

Edward Fernando, who represented the World Economic Forum 2016 in Switzerland, began his carrier as an airline pilot but his aspirations directed him towards a complete different style of life and it was unique. What is dirt for us is treasure for him. What is garbage for us is resource for him. When people tighten their nostrils while passing the waste bins and yards full of stinking garbage, he dreams of making it a pleasant business venture. When one feels sick of chatting about garbage, he sees his future and passion in the garbage. When people don’t care for mother earth and destroy her, he seeks ways and means of taking good care of her.

Hence, he collects all the garment factory waste, sort them out in different categories and recycle for new products. He produces yarns, socks, gloves and pillow cushions for foreign market.


It is a pleasure yet surprise to note that a person interested in garbage is full of innovative thoughts. He who dwells in garbage bins requests the world of children; ‘Children should not be encouraged to be in a mad rat race in pursuing higher education; degree after degree. Their thinking has to go beyond the horizon of exam mentality and job mentality. They should be made aware of the danger they are going to face in the near future- scarcity of fresh air, pure water and nutritious food. We will face lot of health hazards. They should be guided to love nature and preserve natural resources.’


Positive attitudes make man a human and humane. Positive attitudes motivate innovative thinking. ‘Think right. Everything will be yours’. His farsighted style of thinking has dumped him in an array of thoughts.

‘How often do we stop by, from our busy lives, to pay some gratitude to the nature which gives us food to eat, water to drink, fresh air to breathe, shelter to rest? We owe nature. We absorb everything from nature but what do we do or give in return? It is only dirt and garbage!’

His sympathetic tone leaves us some food for thought. His request is eternal yet answerless. He not only questions us but also presents us some solutions. He is bold in his strong steps. ‘My main concern and dream is to initiate the largest recycling mill in the country’.

‘Sir Richard Branson says ‘climate change is a threat but it is the biggest entrepreneur opportunity.’ Everything can be recycled. For me garbage is money spinning trade where I enjoy rendering a valuable service to mankind. I speak to the people, from my life experiences. I don’t try to change others but I work with them and they change themselves. Think right and everything will fall into your path.’

‘Please don’t destroy our Mother Nature, help recycle what you don’t use any more. I would love to say that there is nothing called garbage because garbage is resource.’

‘The sun is the main source without which we cannot think of our existence. We should make our children aware of the deep connection we have with the universe. Children should be environmental friendly. If we don’t understand the gravity of this issue, we can never stop our world become sick and we become walking dead bodies in the near future.’

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