Time Travel. Possible?

This is a topic that many people dream of. The day when you can finally go back into the past to undo a mistake, or into the future to see what it holds. But is it possible? We first need to know what time is all about first.


Time is a society created construct. Interestingly, without the sense of time, people have been known to find it difficult to function normally. We all need a sense of time. But according to Albert Einstein, time is a relative concept. What I think is time, varies for other people. Time is what he has described as as “illusion”. According to Einstein, the world has many dimensions. We are 3 dimensional beings, living in a 4 dimensional world, where time is the 4th dimension (there is much more in depth discussion regarding the precise definitions that cannot be expounded on here). Apparently, it is theorized that depending on the speed you move relative to someone else, time works differently. If you are moving very very very fast (at the speed of light), then you age much slower relative to another friend who is moving at normal pace.  As humans, we are familiar with what is present to our 5 senses, hence, it is easy for us to grasp 3 dimensions. But science says that we should see time not as a completely separate topic, but as one of the 4 space-time dimensions.


This means that space and time are all intertwined and interconnected. For example, a clock on a fast travelling satellite in outer space relative to a clock on Earth, can cause the clock in space to be slower by 38 micro seconds a day. We are all time travelers! Want to stay young longer? Then go sit in a satellite! :p


But is it possible for us to “reverse” time, like in the movies? It seems possible, but the requirements and conditions are extremely difficult. It’s somewhat between moving faster than the speed of light, or finding a black hole and successfully navigating through it (black holes warp space and time around it). This unfortunately seems a bit too far beyond us for this current day and age. :p For now, I guess, we will have to do with anti-aging skin cream.

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