Of Science and Friends

We tend to find ourselves in different social groups at different times in our lives. Some groups are dull, others perpetually awkward, and yet some just put you at ease.

In the early days of the course it was already evident that we are a vibrant bunch. Lessons took place in the evenings after an exhausting day of work for several coursemates, but somehow the jokes and nonsensical comments prevailed, both online and off. The attitude was seeped in positivity and light-heartedness.

It is rare that I find myself in a group where people have little opportunity to feel awkward or embarrassed. There is simply no time for that, as others are either enthusiastically weighing in with their own (sometimes warped) opinions or digressing into other topics, or just simply having a big laugh about things. Really, any random comment has the potential to evoke uproarious laughter. We tease one another endlessly, but are also ever-ready to provide help and support.

 After working together on two large-scale science demonstration events for the public, a certain sense of camaraderie has developed.  Such collective experiences of teamwork for something so high-stakes (not in terms of grades but public opinion) are rare, and hence precious.

Thanks, all, for bringing out the fun side in everyone and anything. Our semester together at NUS is a brief one, and after the June module, our paths may not cross again. Nonetheless, it was good, while it lasted.

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”
Khalil Gibran


One thought on “Of Science and Friends

  1. “it was good, while it lasted.” Well said Edith. It was great to meet like-minded people, whom you can share all the silly jokes with…:D Really hope that our connections extend beyond the modules!

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