About Us


Welcome to A Bucket Full of Science!

We are students pursuing a Master in Science Communication and this website is created specially for our Innovations in Science Teaching (MW5202) module. Nope, not all of us are science teachers but we do all share a passion for science. The 15 of us each come with our own unique experiences and backgrounds which make learning during lessons very interesting!

Fancy learning a science fact or two? Read the blog posts written by us with diverse topics ranging from northern lights to skydiving to tattoos! But do remember we are students so leave us some constructive feedback if you have any. (Our lecturer is grading our posts!)

Prefer some live action? Then keep 23rd April free and make a date with us for our Science Dining Symposium! It is like fine dining but with science, get it? It will be held at the Singapore Science Center and you will get free entry if you register with us early. So don’t miss out! We look forward to sharing our yummy nuggets of science knowledge with you!


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